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Aspartame free cordial drink

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‘Aspartame Free’ Cordial Drinks

As this blog is all about knowing your ingredients and checking them, a friend of mine asked what cordial drinks do I recommend as everything he attempted to buy at the supermarket, contained Aspartame or some other artificial sweetener.

So I did my own research and discovered they both the supermarket own brand and the UK’s leading brand of cordial drink, all contained artificial sweeteners and most contained aspartame.

Now we know the jury is still out regarding the potential health issues linked with aspartame  Most of us are aware of the use of aspartame in diet and sugar free cola drinks, but even I hadn’t considered the use of aspartame in cordial drinks, which have traditionally been aimed at children.

So my mission was to find cordial drinks that do not contain artificial sweeteners. At the higher end of the price bracket within the cordial section of my local supermarket, I found two brands; ‘Bottle Green’ and ‘PLj’.  Bottle Green comes in various flavours and boasts “our cordials are free from all artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners.”  PLj Lemon boasts no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.  In fact the ingredients on that bottle are: Lemon juice (90%), Vitamin C, Natural Lemon Flavour, Lemon Oil, Preservative (Sulphur Dioxide).

So the good news is there are alternatives out there, even in the supermarkets.  Know your ingredients, check them before parting with your hard earned cash and be aware of what you and your children are consuming.

Green Bottle Cordials Website


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Sore throat? Man flu? Neals Yard Eucalyptus Pastilles

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Neals Yard Eucalyptus Pastilles – 45g (£5.00)

As with the Burts Bees Lip Balm, I really had no need for these Eucalyptus Pastilles from Neals Yard, until the day I got the dreaded MAN FLU!.  Then these were quickly dragged out of the cupboard and put to the test.

Within the cardboard box sits a small clear packet containing lots of little brown waxy looking pastilles.  Taking two at a time, I sucked on these and quickly felt the benefit of a mildly numbing throat and tongue.  This much needed relief helped sooth my throat and freshen my otherwise unpleasant mouth.

The pastilles contain eucalyptus, mint and rosemary oil.  This together with propolis extract (take a moment to discover the properties of propolis) and honey, sweetened with natural brown sugar and all held in place by gum arabic.  Not an artificial colour, or synthetic ingredient in sight.

Ingredients: Gum arabic, brown sugar, honey, pure propolis extract, essential oils of eucalyptus, mint and rosemary.

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Organic food boxes

Question: This is the organic food company I use.  Is it Del Brown approved?

Answer: Is absolutely is Del Brown Approved!!  Organic meat farms, home made bread listing the full ingredients and even stocking Ecover in their ‘household’ section, which I have been using for the past 10 years to wash my clothes with!!  Well found and recommended!!

An unrefined, unprocessed, natural sugar alternative

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Groovy Food Organic Agave – 250ml (£2.50)

With all the concerns we’re hearing about in the news about refined, bleached, processed caster sugar in our diets, why not consider replacing the sugar in your kitchen cupboards with Agave.  Where you would use granulated sugar, replace with Agave.  You can also use it as a sweet syrup over yogurt or ice cream.

This versatile syrup comes in two varieties, ‘light and mild’ which is a golden colour and ‘dark and rich’.  It has a low GI (Glycemic index) and is made from the Agave Cactus plant, which is also used in making Tequila.

Pop a squeezy tube of this next to your tea bags and replace of a spoon full of sugar in your tea or coffee with a tea spoon of Agave syrup.

“The Groovy Food Company” one is also organic, contains no other ingredients and is available in most supermarkets.

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Whole Earth Sparkling Cola

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Whole Earth Cola – 330ml (85p – 99p)

I was concerned at the amount of processed sugar and aspartame I was consuming in my cola drinks.  So I was very excited to have discovered this for the first time today whilst out having lunch at “The Long White Cloud” on Hackney Road.  It is “Whole Earth Organic Sparkling Cola” drink.

This cola avoids using ingredients such as ‘aspartame‘ and ‘caramel’, which are still questionable ingredients.  They have also replaced using caster sugar, with organic Agave syrup.

Ingredients: Sparkling water, Organic agave syrup (12%), Organic lemon juice from concentrate (1.5%), barley malt extract, natural flavouring, cola flavouring.

DIETARY & ALLERGY ADVICE: Contains barley and gluten.

For my ingredient purists: bare in mind the wording “made with natural ingredients” should not be mistaken for “made OF 100% natural ingredients”.  Also, I’d like clarification on which ingredients make up the Lemon ‘flavouring’ and Cola ‘flavouring’.

If you like the look of this, they also make it in other flavours.