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Lyons Leaf 100% Natural Beauty Balm


Lyons Leaf 100% Natural Beauty Balm – 55ml (£12.99)

Stand by your beds, I’m particularly excited about this one and rightly so when you realise the quality of the ingredients, the uses and the price! But where are my manners? I haven’t even introduced you. Del Brown Approved would like to welcome you to this 100% Natural Beauty Balm from Ben and Vicky Lyons of Lyons Leaf, Mendip Hills, Somerset.

There are twelve 100% natural ingredients that go into making this balm and 95% of them are organic or from wild harvest. No water, preservatives, colourings or perfumes. All of the oils used are cold pressed, so no heat treatments were used during their extraction, preserving the quality.


The base and biggest ingredient of the balm is cold pressed wild harvest babassu oil. Babassu oil is extracted from Babassu nuts which naturally fall in the amazon rainforest.  Then we find raw organic shea butter, organic cold pressed macadamia nut oil, organic cold pressed jojoba oil, cold pressed sweet almond oil, natural source vitamin E, palmrosa essential oil, clary sage essential oil, benzoin resin, patchouli essential oil, rosemary essential oil and Lyons Leaf’s very own home grown calendula flower extract.


The smoky brown glass jar helps protect and preserve the integrity of the essential oils. It houses 55ml of solid balm. If ambient temperatures are warm, the texture of the balm may be softer. The glass jar is deceptively small, on first appearance you may be forgiven for thinking ‘that won’t last long’, until you start using it. You quickly realise a little goes a long way and this jar will last you a long time.


The aroma is mainly of shea butter with a faint hint of rosemary oil.  The uses of this balm are vast. I primarily used it at night instead of a serum, oil or moisturising cream. Scoop out a pea sized amount into the fingers, warm together and watch the balm melt on contact with your body temperature (see photographs), then pat and smooth over the face. Allowing the oils to sink deep into the skin and do their work whilst you sleep.

The balm can also be used as an oil cleanser, scoop out a small amount onto the fingers, then work the balm onto dry skin. Allow the melted oils to work into the pores of the face, lifting grime and dissolving dirt. With the aid of a hot cloth of your choice, remove the oil and the debris of the day, leaving your face feeling clean and moisturised.


But it doesn’t stop there. Apply a small amount of this balm onto dry and cracked skin, so lips, hands, feet, heels and elbows.

I’m full of big praise for this balm.  If you’re on a budget and looking for a Del Brown Approved ‘highly rated’ multi-tasker, this would be my first choice. If you’re already a fan of face balm, oils or serums, you’re going to love the quality of the ingredients. If you’re a sufferer of skin conditions like eczema, acne, irritated skin and react to a lot of ingredients, then check the ingredients list and give this a try.

Ingredients: orbignya oleifera, butyrospermum parkii, macadamia ternifolia, simmondsia chinensis , prunus amygdalus dulcis, tocopherol, cymbopogon martini, salvia sclarea, styrax benzoin, pogostemon cablin, rosemarinus officinalis, calendula officinalis

*Essential oils naturally contain: citral, geraniol, benzyl benzoate, benzyl cinnamate, farnesol, limonene, linolool


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‘All you need is me’ from True Organic of Sweden



True Organic of Sweden – All you need is me – 50ml (19.99)

I’ve been genuinely excited to bring you this one! It’s an ‘All you need is me’ cream from a company called ‘True Organic of Sweden”. As you’d expect from the title, but should never assume, this product is made in Sweden and uses certified organic ingredients.

As you can see from my photographs, when you squeeze the tube, incidentally made of GREEN PE (sugarcane derived), the cloudy yellow cream slowly starts to come out of the tiny hole in the tube. It’s at this point you discover the product is not a cream but in fact a balm. With little or no aroma to speak of, the balm melts on contact with your skin temperature and a little goes a long way.

The product is actually called ‘All you need is me’ and you quickly realise it’s actually true. It is described as being suitable for use on dry, flaky, cracked or thirsty skin.  Apply a small amount on the lips to make the most moisturising lip salve.  Unlike the paraffin based lip products, you won’t need to keep re-applying this every couple of minutes!  Also apply it last thing at night and wake up with hydrated lips.

It can be used on dry elbows, knees, heels, feet, finger nails, cuticles, tip of your nose and even your hair!  Yes brothers with beards, this means us too!  I have been melting a small amount between my fingers and combing it into my beard. Within minutes I’m left with a glossy, tamed, well groomed, healthy looking beard.  For those fortunate enough to have hair on your head, just think about how you could use it there too!

As this is a true multi-tasker, it’s even good for use on areas of red or irritated skin, minor scrapes or scratches, apply a small amount and allow the natural ingredients to soothe, calm and heal.

As this is oil based, the ingredients sink deep into the skin, moisturising and soothing as it goes. The squeeze tube application makes using it highly practical and with the absence of any floral aroma coupled with the gender-neutral packaging, makes us all feel comfortable about using it.

The ingredients read like a Del Brown wish list!  Mineral oil free, every single ingredient is 100% natural and 95% of them are from certified organic farming. Even the outer packaging is made of sustainable paper.  The base for the cream is Castor oil, Beeswax, Olive Oil and Shea Butter.  Then we find skin loving Vitamin E, phytochemical and antioxidant rich Blueberry seed oil, Sunflower seed oil and finally Rosemary leaf extract.

I’ve been using ‘All you need is me’ for the past month and have become an instant fan, there’s nothing about this product I don’t love.  Fully Del Brown Approved!

Ingredients (INCI): Castor Oil (ricinus communis seed oil), Beeswax (cera alba), Olive Oil (olea europaea fruit oil), Shea butter (butyrospermum parkii butter), Vitamin E (tocopherly acetate), Blueberry seed oil (vaccinium myrtillus seed oil, tocopherol, helianthus annuus seed oil, Rosemarinus officinalis leaf extract)

All you need is Me

Calendula Repair Balm from Robin Skincare

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Robin Skincare Calendula Repair Balm – 50g (£12.95)

So if you’re already familiar with using a facial serum, oil or balm then this one is definitely worth giving some attention.  My first review for Robin Skincare (formally Woadworks Botanicals), a small artisan, natural skincare company based in Cumbria.

Calendula oil has long been regarded for its anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation properties.  Making this balm particularly popular for people with sensitive skin.  This balm also contains Chamomile which is another plant revered for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Truly a jack-of-all-trades, the applications for this balm are endless.  Here are a few suggestions.

Chapped lips – use it as a lip salve to rehydrate, moisturiser and sooth sore chapped lips without the use of petrochemicals.

Dry knees and elbows – apply a small amount onto dry skin where hydration is required.

Facial balm – instead or in addition to your moisturiser, apply a tiny amount into the palm of your hands, warm together then apply to the face.  The calendula will help calm irritation and the Olive oil, bees wax and shea butter will moisturise dehydrated skin.

Hand and Foot Balm – scoop out a small amount into the hands and massage into dry feet.  Pop your socks back on and allow the balm to soak into your feet over night.

The balm has near zero fragrance and a natural cream colour.  The solid waxy texture quickly melts with the warmth of your skin.  The ingredients are, as you’d expect, all natural using no colourings, fragrances, preservatives or unnecessary fillers.

The biggest ingredient in the pot is Olive Oil infused with Calendula petals and Bees WaxShea Butter, Evening Primrose oil and Chamomile oil.  That’s it!  So if your skin needs moisture or gently calming down, I’d highly recommend giving this a try.

Ingredients: Olea europea oil infused with Calendula officialis petals; Cera alba; Butyrospermum parkii butter, Oenothera biennis oil, Chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower oil* May contain limonene which is a natural constituent of the essential oil.!balms-&-salves

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100% organic shea butter from Akamuti

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Akamuti Virgin Wildcrafted 100% Shea Butter – 40g (£3.95)

This pot of 100% organic, fair traded, Ghanian shea butter from Akamuti is an ingredient purists dream.  It has so many applications, you could replace half the bathroom cabinet with it.  Lets start with moisturising your dry bits!  Dry elbows, dry knees, dry lips.  Run a digit around the surface of the pot and apply a thin layer to relieve, sooth and moisturise dry chapped lips.

Looking for a facial moisturiser with the purist of ingredients, then look no further.  Scoop out a small amount, work it between your fingers until it melts, then apply to your face. Great for an intensive over night facial.  You can even apply shea butter to dry hair as a moisturising conditioning treatment. Perfect for use on babies and children.  Shea butter is even edible  not that I’d recommend it.  The possibilities are endless.

Ingredients: Virgin Organic Ghanian Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)

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Decleor face oils and balms

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Decleor Aromessence Serums & Balms

Any of the Decleor Aromessences, be they in the oil or solid balm format, are Del Brown Approved.  Each of them contain a different line up of essential oils, aiming at different skin types and skin concerns.  I first tried the ‘Aroma Night Balm’, which only requires a small amount.  All the ingredients within the Decleor Aromessences banner (ONLY!) are made of 100% natural ingredients.

(Still trying to find the full and complete ingredients list – will be updated soon!!)

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