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Bionsen 100% natural total body deodorant



Bionsen Japanese Spa Minerals Deo-Total Body Anti-Odorant – 16g (£3.95)

In the search for a truly 100% natural underarm deodorant, I have been product testing this offering from Bionsen for the past two months. This Bionsen Japanese Spa Minerals Deo-Total Body Anti-Odorant consists of a clear plastic tube attached to a pump spray. Inside the tube sits seven or eight chunks (16 grams to be precise) of a naturally found mineral salt crystal called “Ammonium Alum”. Nothing else.  Now Ammonium Alum has been proven to neutralise odour causing bacteria, so the theory is, you still sweat but you don’t smell.

There are no other ingredients, no liquid, no colourings, fragrance, preservatives.. nothing.  All you have to do is fill the tube with tap water.  When first using this product, I’d suggest filling it up with water in advance to using it. Otherwise, the salts won’t have had chance to start dissolving and you’ll be spraying 100% water on your arm pits!

To use, spray onto the arm pits and allow to dry before pulling on clothes. This is where some people fall down and no wonder the product doesn’t work for them. Now this may frustrate some users, the need to allow the product to dry before pulling on a t-shirt.  If you spray too little, there isn’t enough ammonium alum salt to neutralise odour causing bacteria.  Equally, if you spray too much, it runs down the side of your body and takes ages to dry. So I have worked out 7 pumps per arm pit is the optimum amount. Make this the first thing in your morning routine, applied to clean dry skin. By the time you’ve brushed your teeth, you can pull on your t-shirt and get on with your day.

The result is quite amazing. Obviously this is not an antiperspirant, so you will continue to sweat as normal. But, no odour! Not even with your arm pits have dried out at the end of a hard working day, there’s still not a hint of body odour.

The product is very practical, especially when travelling. Pour away the water and pop this lightweight, liquid-free tube into your hand luggage, then top up with water when you arrive at your destination.  The pump can be re-filled with water up to five times, there’s even a scratch off indicator on the back of the tube to help remind you how many more re-fills you can do.

As there is no fragrance, it is completely unisex.  It has been tested for use on sensitive skins and has not been tested on animals.  The product is advertised as a total body deodorant as it can be used on the hands, feet and even intimate areas!  In principle I can’t see why not, but I’ll leave you to discovered how well it works on those areas for yourself!  Do let me know!

Ingredients: Ammonium Alum Mineral Salt Crystal