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The ingredient-scrutiniser, Del Brown has a passion for natural & organic, chemical free skincare. Researching ingredients and talking with the manufacturers. "Free YOUR skin now!" with skincare free from petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens, phthalates, glycols, PEGs, DEAs, mineral oil, synthetic polymers, synthetic fragrance or colours. All personally researched, tried, tested and Del Brown Approved!

SPF – Sun Protection Factor

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We are told the O-Zone layer has a hole in it, or had thinned to dangerous levels, we were all told the answer was to liberally apply our sun creams to protect us.  High SPF’s were the answer.  Apply them daily, even in the winter months as the sun’s dangerous UVA and UVB layers penetrate the skin and cause premature aging, sun damage and worse!

So we listened to the experts and liberally applied our sun creams.  Often making our purchase decision based on the brand we were most familiar with (advertising), the price (buy one get one half price offer), or the one that told us we were going to get the best, darkest and most even tan.

We’d jet off on our summer holiday and every day for a week, load our skin with creams, sprays and lotions, then bask in the hot sunshine confident that we were doing the right thing and being protected.  Meanwhile our exposed bare bodies were opening up every pour absorbing the cocktail of man made synthetic chemicals into our system.  What many of us didn’t consider, was how much UVA and UVB protection the product actually gave us and most important, the ingredients within it.

Now, I am going to clarify my position on this topic by declaring; ‘I am no dermatologist, scientist or qualified professional when it comes to the ingredients in sun creams’.  BUT, I am a sun cream user, have done my research, talked to the experts and come to my own conclusion.

When I first started taking notice of the ingredients within SPF’s I was truly baffled, having no idea where they came from, how they were sourced, manufactured, used, mixed or what effects they had.  Over the years I have become more familiar with some of the terms, researching them individually and in depth.

The natural cosmetic industry have been battling for years to come up with a formula that ticks all the boxes and excludes the usual cocktail of chemical nasties that we are now all too aware of.  The formulations are tricky to master, not only do they need to be a natural sun screen giving both UVA and UVB protection, but the formula has to absorb into the skin and stay there.

Often the formulas are not practical, water or towel resistant, which means you have to keep re-applying them.  Sometimes the smell of the final formula is unpleasant, so where other companies would disguise this with synthetic fragrance, the natural skincare companies can’t.  Often the final formula is a thick cream, which takes ages to absorb into the skin, leaving a chalky residue all day.  Not what the consumer wants when they are trying to look fabulous on holiday.

I’ve tried many different brands, makes and styles of sun cream and SPF’s over the years.  Alcohol based sprays, thick white creams, moisturisers with built in SPF, cheap supermarket and expensive ‘natural’ brands.

Only SPF products I have personally tried and tested, have found worked well, are non-synthetic and ‘questionable’ chemical free will appear on Del Brown Approved!

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Author: Del Brown Approved!

Described as the "ingredient-scrutiniser", Del Brown has a passion for natural and organic, chemical free skincare. Researching ingredients, talking with the manufacturers and writing honest, objective reviews.

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