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The ingredient-scrutiniser, Del Brown has a passion for natural & organic, chemical free skincare. Researching ingredients and talking with the manufacturers. "Free YOUR skin now!" with skincare free from petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens, phthalates, glycols, PEGs, DEAs, mineral oil, synthetic polymers, synthetic fragrance or colours. All personally researched, tried, tested and Del Brown Approved!

Liquid black shea butter soap from Akoma

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Akoma Black Liquid Soap – 250ml (£7.34)

Attention my bearded brothers!!  This has to be one of THE best beard shampoo’s I’ve ever used. It has the consistency of muddy water and will happily run straight through open fingers.  It also does’t have the sweetest of smells, so what’s so good about it I hear you ask?  Gents, it contains only FOUR ingredients!!  No preservatives, no glycols, no artificial colourings or perfumes and above all, no synthetic SLS foaming agents!

Just one pump of this Shea Butter liquid and your beard will foam up with the most natural foaming and moisturising ingredients around.  Beards are left clean, glossy and fluffed up, bristles erect and looking great!!

Not having any hair on the top of my head myself, I can’t say I’ve tested it as a hair shampoo, but give it a whirl!

INGREDIENTS: *Aqua (Distilled water), cocos nucifera (Coconut Oil), **butyrospermum parkii,(Raw Shea butter), Cocoa Pods

*Certfied organic ingredients
**Contains Certified fairtrade raw shea butter

I also swear by the black soap bars, the only down side to these are they are messy to use, often contain sharp bits (what I can only describe as grit or bits of old twig) and dissolve quickly.  If you want an easy life, opt for the liquid.


Author: Del Brown Approved!

Described as the "ingredient-scrutiniser", Del Brown has a passion for natural and organic, chemical free skincare. Researching ingredients, talking with the manufacturers and writing honest, objective reviews.

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